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Common Challenges with Digital Business Transformation

Common Challenges with Digital Business Transformation

Embracing technology is not a one-time purchase, but an evolutionary process. Many businesses understand the importance of technological innovation and digital transformation but put it off due to fear of failure.

Perhaps you are in this position and are conscious that inaction is the biggest risk in a rapidly changing economic landscape? Whether the problem is a lack of skillsets, lack of time, budget constraints, or something else, this webinar will show you how to overcome the hurdles that come with the territory of technology projects.

Key statistics on the benefits of digital and technology transformation:

  • Digital Business Transformation improves operational efficiency by 40%
  • 71% of digital-first organisations say they attract new talent based on their use of data
  • Embracing digital technology generates a 20-30% increase in customer satisfaction

Discussion Topics:

  • Organisational Culture
  • Resistance/Willingness to Change
  • Resources & Skill Set
  • Customer Needs & Expectations
  • Budget Concerns & Constraints
  • Definition of Success
  • Having a cohesive strategy
  • Silo mentality

Hosted by:

Stuart Payne

Strategy Director