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Scaling, Improving & Cutting Costs

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Magnum Photos is an international photographic cooperative with offices in London, Paris, New York City, and Tokyo. Founded in 1947, it is owned and run by its member photographers from across the globe.

Prior to its partnership with Neo Technology, Magnum had no central IT department nor a specialist on-hand to drive performance or track defects and features across their platforms.

This resulted in unplanned waterfall development and low business value features being prioritised instead. So, they came to Neo.


After analysing Magnum’s processes and working closely with their key stakeholders, we realised that an agile methodology was needed and rolled out a simple but effective scrum framework. The goal was to make the management processes as simple as possible.

By implementing Jira as the tool of choice for ticket generation and issue resolution, our teams were then able to plan this into a weekly triage meeting which decided on priorities for delivery depending on business needs and customer requirements. They then built these into a backlog which fed into two-week sprints.


The benefits of a DevOps/Agile methodology to Magnum were clear from the increased system uptime during their peak sale periods, which lead to increased revenue.

Due to our mixture of evaluation, innovation and communication, Magnum now has stable and reliable systems that can change rapidly to meet ever-changing business requirements.

Neo Technology and Magnum Photos now have a seamless agreement and can look ahead for up-and-coming sprints, ensuring new tickets can be planned in and if needed existing tickets/stories to be extended depending on any scope changes.


What Our Customers Say

Jacques Hauwaert Group CFO at Magnum Photos

“Neo Technology has helped Magnum Photos scale our operations, control our costs and improve processes whilst increasing system uptime to 100%, which in turn has helped us not only secure but also grow our revenue. Thank you so much for acting as our true digital partner."