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Achieving Business Goals with Global Teams


Achieving Business Goals with Global Teams

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Adludio is a global leader in immersive digital marketing. With creativity at its core, Adludio uses cutting edge technology and data to deliver effective brand engagement across the global digital media marketplace.

Due to their rapid growth and ambitious business goals, Adludio found themselves in a situation where they quickly needed to extend the capacity of their development team.

Aware that the recruitment, onboarding and training of adequate digital specialists would be a costly and time-consuming process, Adludio knew they required a much faster solution to support their services with minimal disruption.


Neo Technology had previously worked on projects for Adludio across Europe and North America. This familiarity meant that Adludio trusted us to deliver an ongoing support and maintenance service.

As their digital partners, we provided an experienced offshore development team consisting of back and front-end developers.

Because the specialists on the team knew each other and worked well together, they did not need any training. Our legacy knowledge of the technical domain at Adludio was a real asset, and it helped Adludio get up and running quickly and efficiently.


Neo Technology has been a game-changer for Adludio. By outsourcing their team to us, they have been able to extend their business capabilities and grow along with their clients. This was achieved with approximately 40% savings against their existing contractor costs.

Neo has allowed Adludio to focus on their core competencies and has given them the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. The skill, expertise and dedication of our global teams has dramatically improved quality and service levels for Adludio's clients. Outsourcing to Neo has proved to be a highly successful strategy for Adludio.


What Our Customers Say

Byron Plant Chief Operating Manager at Adludio

Neo Technology has helped us scale our operations globally. We can now scale the business into multiple geo's while maintaining high-quality coding standards and turnaround times. I would 100% recommend them.