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Making Change Management Seamless



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Magnum Photos' e-commerce platform was previously run on docker containers which result in 504 gateway error issues and numerous and unexpected server downtime. As a result of using docker, the debugging and deployment processes proved difficult and slow. Additionally, heavy loads during peak traffic would result in site downtime, which caused a significant loss in sales and revenue. Magnum also wanted to change the payment process to allow for additional currencies to be added.


Following a discovery phase with the client, we gathered all of the information needed to:

1) Migrate the existing e-commerce platform over to scalable AWS servers.

2) Implement additional currencies for users to be able to pay for products using their local currency.

This required changes in functionality and architecture to both their e-commerce platform and front-end CMS. Payment flows were reviewed to ensure the correct display of currency, invoice templates were edited and the triggering of email confirmations to customers was made to work successfully. Following an intensive 8-week project, we migrated Magnum's e-commerce platform from docker to an EC2 server.


Thanks to our successful migration, we can now instigate faster code fixes, testing and deployments.

Furthermore, server downtime was removed completely, especially during those peak traffic sale periods.

Multi-currency was implemented during this phase and the client saw a $30 increase in sales revenue due to customers having the ability to pay with their local currency.


What Our Customers Say

Jaques Hauwaert Group CFO at Magnum Photos

"Neo Technology has helped us scale our operations, control our costs and improve processes whilst increasing system uptime to 100%, which in turn has helped us not only secure but also grow our revenue. Thank you so much for acting as our true digital partner."