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Is a lack of reliability, scalability & resource reducing your sales?

Does your e-Commerce platform lack the reliability, scalability & resources for growth?

Technological advances have forced retailers and businesses to rethink and revise their sales and marketing strategies. Only with Digital Transformation can they survive and thrive within the perimeters of the new economy. While sector leaders broadly agree that Omni Channel strategy is important, many remain held back by a lack of resources and investment. Equally, many customers still face issues while making a digital purchase, which defeats the point of what the Omni Channel UX should be – a seamless, convenient and efficient process.

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increase in order rates due to omni channel marketing
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of marketers cite a lack of resources and investment as barriers to omnichannel marketing.
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of e-commerce decision makers say omni channel strategy is important
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of consumers have recently faced issues making a digital purchase.

How can Omni Channel strategy prepare for the digital economy?

As consumer standards change, so must the Omni Channel experience. To remain disruptive among competitors, retailers are harnessing the latest technological innovation to maximise UX.

Online surveys and data analysis are crucial for understanding what the modern consumer expects and what other businesses are doing right, or wrong. To stay relevant in the online high street, retailers must optimise their SEO to stand out among competitors.

In order to maximise sales and revenue, it is essential for businesses to anticipate the increased demand that global e-commerce brings. Retailers must ensure that their sites are not overwhelmed by peak traffic.

What are the biggest challenges for retailers?

The world is more accustomed to e-commerce than ever before, yet many organisations still struggle to build reliable websites and applications that drive business growth and customer engagement.

An e-commerce platform must be scalable, reliable and flexible for users globally. For example, in a global marketplace, customers must be able to purchase products and services using their local currency. Without this mechanism in place, retailers will unnecessarily deprive themselves of scalability and revenue.

Omni Channel retailers suffering from a skills shortage need to outsource their requirements to partners who can develop the solutions that captivate target audiences and first-time buyers.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams are an essential component as they deliver stable, reliable, and consistent online services that adapt to rapid changes in expectations and requirements. Companies that lack the correct SRE expertise will quickly find their platforms become outdated and riddled with service errors.

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