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Are you struggling to innovate and Transform in an evolving healthcare landscape?

When it comes to health and social care - does technology have all the answers?

As we have learned in the last two years, technology plays a pivotal role in protecting and improving public health. From contact tracing to tackling social isolation, technology took centre stage to address the fragilities and inequalities in healthcare systems around the world.

Thanks to the joint-collaboration of software developers, engineers, scientists and medical professionals, many of the most vulnerable in our society have access to life-saving technology that would have been unimaginable even twenty years ago.

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IoT healthcare devices used in healthcare settings in 2020.
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of falls happen at home, which is why leveraging safety monitoring technology is so important.
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predicted IoT in healthcare investment by 2025.
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of healthcare companies are currently undertaking or planning their Digital Transformation.

Which current and emerging technologies will make a difference to our lives?

However hard us human beings try, we cannot be there for everyone all of the time. By contrast, technology can be there, as an exciting new range of integrated smart devices can save lives that wouldn't have been saveable otherwise.

We've all seen the video of the lone jogger collapsing in middle of a forest, who is then saved by his smart watch sending an SOS signal after detecting his irregular heartbeat. That's just a spoonful of what's out there.

Across the healthcare sector, digital partners are helping to develop centralised online platforms that can keep relatives, GPs and carers in touch with vulnerable people in their care. Wearable and domestic IoT devices can detect falls among single-occupancy residents, spelling end of the days where residents are left crying out for help that never arrives.

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