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Housing Technology March 2023

Housing Technology - March 2023

Neo Technology is pleased to announce that we will be attending the Housing Technology 2023 conference in Nottingham, March 2022. With more than 400 attendees, 20 speakers and 30 sponsors and exhibitors (including us).

Digital Transformation in housing has taken off in recent years, not least due to the pandemic, and Neo Technology aims to future-proof that transformation for housing providers. 

Innovation is central to Britain’s economic recovery the conference is an opportunity for bright minds from all walks of life to network, debate, discuss and foster partnerships that will bring the UK housing sector into the future.

Does Your Housing Association Lack the Technology & Resources to Optimise?

Our highly skilled digital transformation teams deliver the skills and resources to expand and future-proof your infrastructure within a short onboarding timeframe.

Are Legacy Systems Letting Down Your Tenants & Employees?

We will continuously modernise your systems while achieving substantial industry cost savings. Your vision and our technology combined will enable your provider to accelerate its transformation goals.

Are Your Employees, Tenants & Service Providers Disconnected?

With our Cloud-based platforms, we save employees’ time while giving tenants more freedom and a better User Experience (UX).

Are You Unable to Meet Your Tenants’ Needs 24/7?

Our digital housing transformation solutions make tenant services more accessible and reliable. We leverage automation to meet tenant, employee and prospect requirements 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Automated customer care creates savings in time of 50%.

Is the Property Application Process Too Long & Slow for Your Tenants?

We design, develop and deploy the self-service contractor apps and portals to remove all unnecessary paperwork and back-and-forth physical touch points.

Are Your Processes So Reliant on Outdated Systems That You Fear Modernising Will Be Too Difficult?

At Neo, we make it simple. We use integrations to combine modern architecture with the latest and best software to modernise your technology and deliver stable, fast and secure platforms.

Are You Overwhelmed by Data & Do You Want to Simplify How Data Is Consumed & Presented?

Our teams build data lakes and insightful online dashboards which analyse large quantities of data quickly and accurately, allowing you to make informed decisions and boost efficiency.

Are You Struggling to Automate Property Maintenance to Reduce Costs?

Neo automates the whole housing management and maintenance process, allowing organisations to focus on the work that matters and simplifying the necessary routine functions for both customer and company.