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Embrace the Cloud: Unlocking the Benefits of Cloud Migration

In the last two years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the uptake of Cloud-based technologies. In their thousands, companies are ditching on-premises hardware for flexible software to secure greater cost efficiency, scalability, and security.Cloud adoption is as much about the technology involved as it is about the culture methods and skills needed to implement it successfully and sustainably. Our digital specialists understand that it is not a case of one-solution-fits-all but a continuous process that must be nurtured and maintained for the most optimal outcome.Savings on Infrastructure costs by migration to the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Download eBook Benefits of Cloud Migration Discover the transformative benefits of cloud migration, from enhanced scalability to cost savings and improved security. Join the cloud revolution with Neo Technology and take your business to new heights.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

For many organisations, BPA is a common feature of the digital transformation process, as it helps to streamline their workflows and make projects progress more efficiently. By automating manual tasks, we empower businesses to free up their employees’ time and resources, enabling them to focus on the projects that matter most. In addition, BPA significantly lowers the risk of human error, which can help to improve data accuracy and consistency. Ultimately, BPA can enable organisations to improve their bottom line.

Migrating To Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Use Case

Our client had been using an on-premise CRM system that had been in place for years. It worked to the extent of holding tenant data securely, but there had been performance issues and as a result, the tenant experience has been negatively affected.

A Guide To Disaster Recovery

Download eBook A Guide To Disaster Recovery Our eBook guide ‘A Guide To Disaster Recovery’ will get you up to speed on the current best ways to keep your organisation secure online as well as offline.