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Our Approach
With Agile - Collaboration is everything

Our Agile & DevOps teams will get you there.

We implement Agile practices seamlessly at PACE.

Our Agile teams help enterprises modernise their IT operations by building out continuous integrations and continuously deploying against the roadmap at pace. This allows us to build software that delights users while delivering high quality with minimal risk.

If you want your company’s app or digital service to deliver an amazing experience for its users then we can help you start your next digital transformation journey.

How good does it feel when excellent code quality meets beautiful UI/UX design …

We Consult

Our consultancy service, technical Innovation and software development includes research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, reengineering, maintenance, and all other activities that result in software for clients that delivers value, efficacy and scalability.

Software development and our agile / dev-ops culture means we are involved from the conception of a software solution through to the final manifestation and maintenance of the technology

We Develop

Our software engineers use an ‘Agile and ;DevOps methodology’ for System integration as the process of bringing together the component sub-systems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together, managed from the UK and tested 24/7 globally.

We link together different computing systems and software applications physically and or functionally, our systems integration integrates discrete systems utilizing a variety of applications.

We Define

We maximise how our client internal and external customers interact with and experience our solutions, the usability of your website, integrated system of App is critical to our success, we measure success based on the customer’s perceptions of the technology, ease of use, and efficiency.

Improving user experience is our main aim and it is very important to our solution designers, and technical teams when we create and refine technologies because a positive user experience can grow business revenue.

We Deploy

We are experts in migration from on-premise servers to cloud using AWS / MS Azure, DCRM 365 and SharePoint. The key drivers for migration are the potential cost savings, increase security and faster RPO and RTO for disaster recovery and business continuity.

We automate the entire deployment process, to deliver continuous improvements, which allows our clients to focus on core business needs instead of infrastructure overhead & staffing.

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