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Are legacy systems lowering your customers experience?

Digitalisation has transformed the customer journey - utilities providers must be prepared.

These are challenging times for energy and utilities providers. As the cost of living crisis goes up and up, so must resilience, sustainability and innovation.

To thrive in 2022, utilities providers need to adapt to ever-changing user trends, keep up with complex myriads of regulations, and anticipate the unexpected.

Digital Transformation is the best way to build and sustain customer engagement. Digital channels and online platforms are the new normal for utilities companies seeking to expand their capabilities cost-effectively and at pace.

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predicted yearly investment in smart utilities by 2023.
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of critical utilities will be digitally interconnected by 2023, experts predict.
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Which agile services can enhance the Utilities sector?

Innovative Digital Transformation processes such as cloud migration ensure efficient management of utilities infrastructure, data and applications.

Robust, agile Global Teams are the best way to make these transitions go as smoothly as possible. These developers can oversee mobile and online platforms, handle customer inquiries, monitor servers and detect failures or breaches.

Organisations must also ensure that arising problems are identified and resolved before they impact users. Scaling up towards larger environments and harnessing automation is the most effective way to baseline the performance of multi-cloud infrastructure.

Functions like monitor containers and predictive monitoring will help utilities companies to proactively respond to issues. Sectors leaders must be prepared to invest heavily in finding the best monitoring solutions, particularly those that include AI and deep analytics capabilities.

How can chatbots and AI be made to work for utilities providers and customers?

Chatbots are a great way for customers to interact with their provider. As well as being on constant stand-by for FAQs, Chatbots can be programmed to answer tenant specific queries or more simple questions such as “When is my gas inspector coming over?"

Did you know some organisations have saved in excess of £1 million through the deployment of chat bots? QR code-based robo advisory solutions and app based customer solutions are just some of the offerings that Digital Transformation partners can design, build and integrate.

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