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Time Zone Crossover, Global Agile Development & DevOps Culture​

Time Zone Crossover, Global Agile Development & DevOps Culture

Time Zone Crossover offers limitless potential for growth and scalability, but many agencies are held back by integration challenges. Third parties that can coordinate global hackathons are key to ensuring that enterprises scale their operations globally and boost their client’s digital experience.

One of our clients is a global leader in immersive digital marketing that uses cutting edge technology and data to deliver effective brand engagement across the global digital media marketplace.

They wanted to extend the capacity of their development team, but were challenged by a disruptive and costly process of recruitment, training and on-boarding. A third party was needed.

Our DevOps developers delivered a bespoke technology platform and cross-trained their global team to create a scalable processes. Though they delivered a Service Level Agreement turnaround time of 48 hours, they were able to deliver app campaigns overnight. As digital partners, we now service more than ten regions with daily bespoke mobile ad unit requests.

Having outsourced their teams to us, our agency client successfully extended their capabilities, accelerated growth and increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.